Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Royal Wardrobe: the A Game arrives

Four royal outfits - which will be your favourite...
(photo credit: Wiki Commons)

Then it got serious. After several weeks of warming up with big coats and bright colours, suddenly the Royal Wardrobe brought on the A Game. Everywhere you looked, there was some serious style to be contending with. Sharp suits, brave cuts, retro chic - you name it, we got it this week. It's going to be hard but there is a poll to pick your favourite - at the side there, just peek right. Results on Monday but now it's time to enjoy the week the Royal Wardrobe got serious.


Let's start with Letizia who may already have given us the most difficult to wear outfit of the whole year and got away with it. There's absolutely no finishing off the leftover chocolates from Christmas before putting this two piece on, it's letting you get away with nothing. But this kind of sharp tailoring and quirky take is what Letizia does best. From the super slim trousers to the jacket with its on trend ruffles, this is pure class. The whole look, worn for an audience and a visit to the Forum Against Cancer in Madrid, is simple, stylish and super elegant. 

Queen Maxima upped the style ante with an early 80s inspired suit for a trip to a windmill park in Nijmegen. This is proper retro styling with the peplum jacket (big on trend tick here), full skirt (ditto) and long boots. Think Felicity Kendal from the Good Life meets Diana.  OK, those boots made walking down huge metal staircases and over beaches slightly tricky but Maxima managed it and kept every part of this super chic outfit in place while she was at it. That's how to make fashion work for you.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has got her sleeves under control. After an unfortunate incident with a major spring/ summer trend just a few weeks ago, Mary got tough and came out winning. You see, the Crown Princess of Denmark does seem to like this layered sleeve look that's hanging around right now and it's a hard one to make work. But for a trip to Copenhagen Fashion Week (of course), Mary managed the style into submission. The white blouse picking out the embellishment on the jacket is adding all the texture anyone wants while the rest is a clean and crisp silhouette that screams style. Sleeves sorted. Thank you.

You're allowed to glow with happiness when you know you look THIS good. The Duchess of Cornwall matched her clothes to her bling for a reception for The British Asian Trust in London this week and dazzled all the way. The dress is recycled and who wouldn't wear it again - the fabric and cut are lovely while the ruffles are right on the mark for spring 2017. And when it goes so well with those emeralds, well, it would be cheeky not to. A dazzling jewels matched by a regal gown - royal power dressing at its finest. 

You can see all the previous winner's in the Royal Wardrobe polls of 2017 on the special page here. This week's result will be on the blog on Monday.

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