Friday, 17 February 2017

Louis and Tessy divorce

Louis and Tessy's marriage is at an end
(photo Grand Cour Ducale)

The marriage of Louis and Tessy of Luxembourg is at an end. The couple were granted an decree nisi in London today - it will become absolute in six weeks time.  The divorce was requested by Princess Tessy and it was granted on the grounds of Prince Louis' 'unreasonable behaviour', a common term in divorce papers.

The couple had announced their decision to divorce last month. Luxembourg's royal court made the announcement first with Princess Tessy issuing her own statement shortly afterwards, speaking of her sadness. Both statements asked for the couple's privacy and that of their children to be respected.

Louis and Tessy of Luxembourg married on September 29th 2006, six months after the birth of their first son, Gabriel. Their second son, Noah, was born in 2007. Prince Louis gave up his rights to the throne, and those of his descendants, on his marriage.  Tessy was made a Princess of Luxembourg on the country's national day in 2009 - her sons were given royal titles at the same time. 

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