Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Royal Wedding Tiaras: Infanta Cristina of Spain

It all started so well. The marriage of Infanta Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin on October 4th 1997 was a sparkling event with a royal guest list, a handsome couple and enough public support to make any monarchy feel rather comfortable in its ermine clad skin. The next twenty years saw that fairytale put to the test and then some. The marriage of Cristina and Inaki has endured even if it hasn't always been the glittering jewel in the Spanish royal crown. But on their 20th wedding anniversary, let's enjoy a little bit of sparkle as we look back at the tiara Cristina wore on the day she said 'I do'.

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The diamond diadem in question is a familar one to royal watchers. The Spanish Floral Tiara has been a regular on the regal scene since 1962 when Franco gave it to the then Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark as a wedding present from the people of Spain. It can actually trace its history back to the late 19th century and another set of royals. King Alfonso XII (Cristina's great great grandfather) had it made for his second wife, Maria Christina of Austria (great great granny to Cristina) but it left royal possession before Franco bought it as a wedding gift.

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It was made by that powerhouse of royal jewellery makers, Mellerio, and it features a rather pretty floral design made entirely of diamonds. There is a large, central flower flanked on either sides by smaller floral designs and lots of leaves.

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The link to Cristina's mother make it an extra special wedding choice, too. The now sixth in line to the Spanish throne kept this as a go to until she stopped attending royal events following the financial scandal that surrounded her and her husband. The fairytale ending may still elude Spain's royals but this tiara, very pretty and very bridal, remains a regal wedding star turn even now.

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