Saturday, 11 June 2016

Princess Charlotte's balcony debut: the photos

Princess Charlotte in the arms of her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, makes her first appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony

She'll be spending quite a lot of time on it. It will end up being rather familiar. But there is a first time for everything and today marked Princess Charlotte of Cambridge's Buckingham Palace balcony debut. The littlest princess of the House of Windsor made her first appearance on this famous royal platform after Trooping the Colour 2016 and although she didn't manage a wave, she gave it a good go. Here are some of the lasting images of Charlotte's balcony debut. 

Here's Charlotte. There had been a lot of speculation that the baby daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace but this is the moment it was all confirmed. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is carried through the famous glass doors and onto the balcony by her mother and begins a royal life of Buckingham Palace appearances.

She's much more likely trying to escape for a bit of a toddle around but we'll take it as a royal wave. As her parents look on, Charlotte gets that regal hand in the air and the cameras click.

Firsts can be a bit nerve wracking and all that noise and movement is a lot for a toddler to take in, especially when they've got to wear their best dress doing it. Charlotte got a sneaky kiss from mum to keep her happy - it did the trick.

Dad had a little cuddle too. He might be just ever so slightly besotted.

When you're thirteen months old, teeth hurt. They really hurt. This little princess had to deal with that while she did the whole royal balcony thing for the first time.

A look that only a sister can give a brother. George and Charlotte, the royal siblings.

It might have only been minutes but that's a long time at thirteen months. Mum tries to soothe as Charlotte tries to find something more interesting to do than keep standing on this balcony.

Suddenly, we've found mum's necklace and things are a lot more interesting and exciting.

Finally, it's time to go. In years to come, this will probably be a moment Charlotte looks forward to. Today it was an interlude between lunch and learning to do all kinds of exciting things. It probably had a lot more resonance for those watching than for the little princess involved as everyone got excited about Charlotte's balcony debut.

Photo credit: BBC TV still.

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