Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Letizia brings back an old favourite

King Felipe and Queen Letizia in Palencia for the Spanish National Culture Awards 2015

She liked it, everyone liked it so why not recycle it? Today, Queen Letizia of Spain got one of her favourite and most famous dresses out of the wardrobe for a rewear and ended up in the pink. Well, purply pink to be precise.

Letizia was in Palencia in northern Spain for the National Culture Awards and for this special event she chose a special dark pink, almost purple bandage dress that once upon a time ended up on the front of just about every newspaper in Europe. Yes, Letizia rewore the dress from the Carla Bruni lunch that got everyone talking.

 Back in 2009, when she was still Princess of Asturias and lined up to meet Carla Bruni who was sweeping just about everyone aside with her super stylish outfits as First Lady of France, Letizia chose this dress by Felipe Varela and caused a minor fashion sensation. Giving Carla serious competition in the style stakes was a big thing back then and this royal outfit did just that. Seven years on, it was back. 

And it looked good. It's so associated with that meeting that it's a bit hard to see past it but combined with some slightly less stratospheric heels and curly hair, it was still holding its own in the style stakes. And with Felipe adding a matching tie, it was a pretty spot on style statement all round.  It's been worn several times since but this is a high profile outing for this high profile dress. 
King Felipe and Queen Letizia were at the San Antolin Cathedral for the Awards ceremony. After the presentations, they posed for photos before Felipe headed off to visit a Renault factory and then back to Madrid. The royal couple have had a high profile week after a quiet start to the year. 
Earlier this week, they hosted Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands at a lunch at the Zarzuela Palace alongside King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. They posed for photos on the steps where this pink dress caused such a stir before. This week is all about memories for Felipe and Letizia.
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