Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Royal Ascot 2016: Day One

The Queen on Day One of Royal Ascot 2016

It was grey and drizzly and then the carriages arrived. Sometimes Royal Ascot is pure sunshine, sometimes, like yesterday, it's grey and damp. But you can't beat a royal procession for putting a smile on everyone's faces and beneath the seemingly never ending rain of June 2016 that's just what happened yesterday. Royal Ascot is under way.

The Queen has made a habit of wearing strong colours over the past few days and while her first outfit of Ascot wasn't as bright as the green that is still making headlines from Trooping the Colour, the burst of yellow she chose was hard to miss.

It was real sunshine from the Queen with a coat and matching hat trimmed in blue. A perfect start to Ascot.

There's clearly some kind of big pink flower theme going on at Buckingham Palace right now - after Kate's floral hat for Trooping the Colour, the Duchess of Cornwall arrived at Ascot in a huge topper with massive floral adornment.

The pink worked rather well on Camilla who kept to a favourite style of dress with light coat overlay but it was the flower power in this outfit that stole the show.

stormed the style stakes at Royal Ascot last year and she was back on form in 2016 as well with a dream of a cream dress and hat ensemble. How can you not love those feathers?

The dress with its on trend statement sleeves and mid length skirt is pretty fabulous as well. Kate is at Ascot today - this could be interesting

While the Countess of Wessex looked set for summer, the Princess Royal was feeling a bit more wintry with a heavy white coat with rolled collar and a black and white hat. Whether it was to keep out the chill or not doesn't matter, it's really rather stylish.

Princess Beatrice also went monochrome with a tuxedo style cutoff jacket and white skirt with black stripes. The hat is almost understated for Beatrice. That won't last, surely.

The Duchess of Gloucester wore a pale blue coat and claret hat that had worked so well at a garden party at Buckingham Palace earlier this year. It's super chic and stood out well against the grey skies.

But the brightest outfit of the day belonged to Zara Tindall who chose a dress with a bright print set in stripes, a blue hat with yellow trim and a bag so bright it gave her granny's green from the weekend a run for its money. It's fun and Zara seemed to be having a great time while she wore it. Welcome to Royal Ascot 2016.

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