Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Politics on a royal day in Wales

The Queen in green on her visit to Cardiff today

Politics and psychology, it was a heady mix for the Queen today. Elizabeth II headed to Wales with her husband, son and daughter in law and her schedule took in an official opening and some modern art with plenty of flowers in between.

It all started with a train ride as the royal visitors arrived at Cardiff Central station with the Queen and Camilla in almost matching green.

First stop was the Senedd where the Queen officially opened the new session of the Welsh Assembly. It's a job she first carried out in 1999 and she returned again with a speech in which she told members that they could be proud of the way it has reached out and engaged with people in Wales and beyond.

There was also singing for the royal visitors as well as a plethora of posies for the Queen and a chance to meet some of the wellwishers who had turned out for the event.

After that, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh parted ways with Charles and Camilla and headed off to Cardiff University where they opened a Brain Research Imaging Centre, linked to the School of Psychology.

The Queen also unveiled a piece of modern art called 'Penny for Your Thoughts' and met its creator, Dr Gemma Williams while the Duke of Edinburgh gave his own spin on psychology by telling some of those he met that speaking Welsh would need a lot of brain power.
As the royal visitors left. there were thanks on social media from both the Queen and the Prince of Wales. It was a day of tradition and modernity all round.

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