Friday, 3 June 2016

Harry's tie dilemma

Prince Harry meets D Day veterans getting ready to travel to Normandy

If he looked a bit sheepish during his latest public appearance, then there was a good reason. Prince Harry had come along to meet D-Day veterans before they travelled to France for the annual commemorations. And one of them told him off for not wearing a tie.

As he arrived at the gathering in Portsmouth, Harry already had that feeling you get when you turn up somewhere and realise that you might have got the dress code wrong. As he stepped into the room, he told organiser, John Phipps, he had just worked out a tie might have been a good call but it was too late now. And then he met Ivor Anderson.

Mr Anderson, who is 91 and a veteran of the Normandy beach landings, asked the prince 'where's your bloody tie?' Harry said he'd been told not to wear one.  It wasn't quite as serious as it might sound - there was a lot of laughing and teasing going on. But former soldier Harry has made no secret of the admiration he has for military personnel and being underdressed for this group of old soldiers will have stung a little bit for the fifth in line to the throne.

Harry didn't let it stop him having a great time with the veterans and if he was worried that his lack of tie had let him down then they soon put his mind at rest. Within minutes, this charming prince was one of the gang and sat chatting happily with those preparing to make a very special trip.

The 45 veterans Harry met are all going to Normandy with an organisation called D-Day Revisited which helps organise trips to the beaches so they can pay tribute to their fallen comrades. Harry told them he wished he was going with them and told them, time and again, of his huge admiration for them.

And judging by the smiles in the photos, the prince with no tie was a huge hit with those he met. Harry has rarely put a foot wrong in recent times so forgetting his tie did leave him in a knot for a moment or two. But when you can charm like this prince, it's soon forgotten. And Harry will never forget his tie again.
Photo credit: Kensington Palace Twitter.

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