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Royal Wedding Tiaras: Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill on their wedding day, June 8th 2013

When you're the youngest in the family and unlikely ever to rule, you can get away with doing things a little bit differently. While many people expected Princess Madeleine of Sweden to follow in her mother and sister's footsteps and wear the Cameo Tiara on her wedding day, she went instead for a much more modern piece which we'd seen her use many times before. Here's Madeleine's Wedding Tiara.

It is certainly modern. Given that the Swedish Royal Family is furnished with a pretty spectacular set of historic gems, this is a real newcomer.It wasn't seen until the last part of hte 20th century and there is speculation it was given to Queen Silvia by her husband, King Carl XVI Gustaf, on their tenth wedding anniversary. Perhaps the romantic origins of the diadem inspired Madeleine to choose it for her own marriage.

That aside, it was also one of her favourite pieces of jewellery before she said 'I do'. Madeleine had worn this tiara on numerous occasions. It also converts to a necklace and she'd used it that way as well. So familiarity might well have played a part in her choice too.

Whatever the reason, it looked rather lovely with her Valentino designed dress. This diamond diadem is rather delicate, in a fringe design, and with a row of round diamonds at the top and a layer of sparklers at the base as well. It looks very pretty and rather elegant and it added just enough sparkle to the wedding outfit without overpowering it.

Interestingly, Madeleine chose to add a row of blossoms to her hair just in front of the tiara. OK, she didn't go the whole Fergie route and stick a wall of flowers over the jewels to be removed while signing the register but it was another unusual choice. And it does mean that in some of the longer distance photos, you see the flowers before you get to the power of the diamonds.

But overall, this now seems like the inevitable choice for Madeleine. Her whole wedding look was very modern and really rather lovely and this was the perfect finishing touch. It's impossible to see the Cameo Tiara working with all the lace in her dress and the fact that the diadem she chose had strong family links as well as a link to her life as a royal means it's just about perfect for this princess.

Photo credit: Bengt Nyman via Flickr

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