Tuesday, 14 June 2016

8 pairs of royal red shoes

Queen Letizia in red shoes at an event last week

Suddenly, red shoes are everywhere. Those two style icons of modern royalty, Queen Letizia and the Duchess of Cambridge, have both worn red in the past week so it must be having a moment. In honour of this new regal footwear trend, here are eight memorable pairs of royal red shoes.

Queen Letizia wore this pair of bright red strappy sandals to an engagement in Madrid last week. They are so on trend it hurts and, let's face it, with all those straps there's a good chance Letizia was pleased to kick them off at the end of the evening. But the effect was eye catching and earns her a place in this countdown.

Given that her shoes are nearly always nude or black, the sight of these red heels stepping out of the car on the feet of the Duchess of Cambridge caused some surprise. Who cares that they don't quite match the coat - neither does the hat or bag, who's counting? Kate wore red shoes and they are rather nice red shoes. Three cheers for that duchess.

Diana, Princess of Wales famously wore red shoes in Windsor once though the effect was slightly more out there than Kate's pair. Diana chose a pair of bright red courts to go with her Fifties cheerleader outfit. Yes, you read that right. It's easy to forget how much of a fashion leader Diana was, trying outfits that royalty rarely goes near. This is one of those occasions - it might not have worked but it changed the idea of how royals dressed.

Queen Maxima has had these dark red shoes with clear inserts for several years and wore them recently for a trip to Germany, The depth of the shade means they go more easily with a wide range of outfits - Maxima likes them so much, she also has them in orange.

Maxima's got form on red shoes. This pair of two part kitten heels was worn with one of her best known Queen's Day outfits, the denim and beret ensemble. The shoes are actually one of the most low key parts of this outfit.  Only Maxima.

Her good friend and neighbour, Queen Mathilde, showed us a pair of very summery red shoes as part of this very pretty evening outfit worn in 2011 before her husband became king.  The shoes are just enough red to set the outfit off without being overpowering. Marvellous from Mathilde.

Queen Sonja showed that a little bit of red goes a long way when she paired these shoes with a black and white spotted dress on a visit to Egypt in 2006. Add in a red bag and flower accessory and you have a rather nice day look.

And we're back where we began. Letizia does like a pair of red shoes and these standout style statements were chosen when she welcomed the King and Queen of Jordan to Spain at the start of an official visit last year. The dress might have been a bit too cocktail for an afternoon at the airport but the shoes are winners all the way. Another great pair of royal red shoes.

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