Friday, 24 June 2016

Norway's three generations

Three generations, one crown

It is a photo for the history books. To mark the 25th anniversary of the accession of King Harald V of Norway, a special picture of him with two future monarchs of the country has been released. But this is no ordinary three generations photo. For Harald, Haakon Magnus and Ingrid Alexandra stand in front of the crown regalia of their country in Trondheim, seat of Norwegian royalty in centuries past.

A queen in the making - a king and his successors in 2006

It's not the first time that the three have stood by the crown which is no longer placed on the monarch's head. When Ingrid Alexandra was just two, in 2006, they posed for a similar image. But this year's has special resonance coming in the 25th anniversary year of King Harald and Queen Sonja. In many ways, the Silver Jubilee of Harald V of Norway has been as much about looking forward as looking back and this photo underlines how this anniversary fits into his vision of the monarchy. Harald has been a calm king who has made his monarchy more popular than ever. He can stand and smile with pride by its ancient symbols as he looks ahead to generations to come shaped in his reign.

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