Wednesday, 15 June 2016

William on Attitude

The front cover of Attitude magazine featuring the Duke of Cambridge

It's a milestone moment. The Duke of Cambridge is featured on the cover of Attitude, the first time a senior royal has been on the front of a gay magazine. William has been talking to the magazine about ending bullying linked to sexuality and he had a clear message - don't put up with intimidation. 

William features in the July edition of the magazine, which went on sale this week. He tells Attitude that 'No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason' and he goes on to add 'don't put up with it. Be proud of who you are'.

On the same day that he posed for the now famous photo, William invited Attitude to hold a forum with members of the LGBT community at Kensington Palace to discuss bullying and the implications it has for mental health. He heard from a group of young people who debated the impact it can have and the problems it can cause including eating disorders and depression.

William said after the meeting that he would encourage anyone experiencing bullying to speak to someone they trust from someone they know, like a friend, to organisations like Childline or the Diana Award. He praised the bravery of those who have spoken out about bullying and won praise from the editor of Attitude magazine, Matthew Todd, who said that he was happy to hear the future king talk so publicly about ending bullying.

William, Kate and Harry launch their Heads Together campaign earlier this year

William's appearance on the magazine has been followed around the world. As he, Kate and Harry continue their campaign to change the way mental health is talked about and to offer more support to those experiencing emotional and psychological issues, William has shown just how important the issue is to him and thrown the spotlight on a major issue.

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