Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New portrait of Denmark's royals

The Queen of Denmark at the centre of a new royal portrait released today

Denmark's royals have a new official portrait.  The image will feature on their website, their Facebook page and their Instagram profile. And rather nice it is too.

The photo was taken on Queen Margrethe II's birthday in April when the royals made a balcony appearance and shows the monarch with her consort, Prince Henrik, at her side with her heir, Crown Prince Frederik, right behind her. Around them are Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie.


 The image, with the Queen of Denmark and her consort at its centre, is in a formal setting but with a relaxed air bout it. That might have something to do with its social media focus.

The photo has been shared the day after Prince Joachim's 47th birthday and four days before Prince Henrik turns 82. And it's a record of a Royal Family at ease with itself and looking to the future with confidence.

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