A week of royal style misses

We all love a bit of royal style and there's usually plenty to go round. But we all have off weeks and in the last seven days, there have been some seriously questionable outfits this week from Europe's royals.  So let's enjoy the fact that even these super stylish stars can sometimes get it wrong and settle down for a string of royal style misses....

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Leading the way with not one miss but two is Letizia of Spain. Let's face it, when it comes to style this queen consort is never knowingly outdone so if the bar this week is getting it wrong, Leti's going to take it up a notch and make them all watch her jump. We will start with the flapper dress. Very pretty, very stylish, very, very short. I mean, I'm all for modern but sometimes a queen can take it to the extreme and Leti looked kind of out of place in this one. The sky high stilettos don't help either. If you're going twenties, find the Mary Janes with heels and have done with it. But actually, this wasn't the worst.

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Sometimes, you can be too fashionable. The yellow and blue get up that the Queen of Spain chose for a meeting with the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, is a case in point. Where do we start? To be fair, Letizia looks pretty uncomfortable so they may just have been in a rush and she only saw herself in a mirror moment before hand. Nothing about this works. The skirt is quite striking but it's all but impossible to get past the hair sitting on the blouse that should never have left the shop. Leti, Leti....

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The hunt is still on to find where exactly this coat fits Princess Charlene of Monaco. The consort turned up to her country's National Day celebrations in a blue velvet coat apparently belonging to someone else. Add in the shine that the sun put on the fabric and you have yourself a sight for sore eyes. Sadly for Charlene, things got worse. That hat may well be navy but it looks black in the light and out of kilter with the blues on the rest of the outfit. It was a miss and then some.....

Personally, I love a bit of red and purple all mixed up. The two colours aren't natural friends but when it works, it really works. And when it doesn't, well....Queen Silvia of Sweden fell into the miss camp this week when she added those rather gorgeous amethysts belonging to her royal house to a red evening dress at a reception. Full marks for trying but when you've got that many diamonds to pick from, perhaps leave the colour mega mix for another day.....

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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark does bold and beautiful like no one else so why she went pale and interesting on her first day in Ghana is anyone's guess, especially as the result is really quite iffy. The pale pink dress by itself might just have worked but where that hat came from is a total mystery and we can only hope it's been sent back first class.

We'll end with a swerveball that came the other way. The Queen was on the receiving end of a miss when she received the new ambassador from Estonia who wore a rather jaunty hat. Tiina Intelman added a whole new layer of style of her own to this very traditional and formal moment. OK, it's not top of anyone else's style to do but she's happy and we're all smiling. And personal choice is personal choice as is opinion. The Queens of Europe are never less than interesting and we are all the happier for that. 


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