Royal Platinum Wedding: 5 other royal events of 1947

In the end, it is the royal event we all remember from 1947. The marriage of the then Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten on November 20th 1947 has gone down in history as a regal milestone and the start of an historic story. But it wasn't the only major royal event that year.
Three reigns came to an end, two tenures began, one monarchy ended for good. There was also a regency and a tragic event that would change another throne forever. Here are five more royal events of 1947...

Death of a prince

Who Prince Gustaf Adolf Oscar Frederik Arthur Edmund, Duke of Vasterbotten, eldest son of the Crown Prince of Sweden and second in line to his country's throne

When January 26th 1947

Where Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen, Denmark

What Prince Gustaf Adolf was on his way back from visiting Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands when his plane made a routine stop in Copenhagen. On taking off again, the aircarft got into trouble, stalled and crashed, killing all 22 people on board.

Consequences The prince left behind a widow and five children. As Swedish law at the time only permitted princes to succeed to the throne, his only son, nine month old Carl Gustaf, immediately became second in line to the throne. Gustaf Adolf was buried on Karlsborg Island, Solna. His son is now the King of Sweden.

A change of power in Greece

Who King George II of the Hellenes and King Paul I of the Hellenes

When April 1st 1947

Where Athens, Greece

What King George II of the Hellenes died on April 1st 1947 at the Royal Palace in Athens. He was succeeded the same day by his younger brother who became King Paul I of the Hellenes.

Consequences The Greek monarchy had gone through turbulent times and George had only returned to his country in 1946 following a referendum which supported the restoration of royal rule. King Paul's rule would be more stable although republican sentiments in Greece continued to flourish. Paul died in 1964 and was succeeded by his son, Constantine, who went into exile in 1967. 

A new king for Denmark

Who King Christian X of Denmark and King Frederik IX of Denmark

When April 20th 1947

Where Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

What King Christian X of Denmark died on April 20th 1947 and was immediately succeeded by his son who became King Frederik IX of Denmark

Consequences Christian X had been a popular monarch and was widely mourned. His son was also well supported and made a major change to the monarchy in 1953 when he changed the rules to allow women to succeed - previously they had had no rights at all. Frederik died in 1972 and was succeeded by the eldest of his three daughters, Margrethe II, who still rules today.

The end of an era begins in the Netherlands

Who Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Princess Juliana of the Netherlands

When October 14th 1947 - December 1st 1947

Where Amsterdam, the Netherlands

What Juliana, heir to the Dutch throne since her birth, became her country's regent time when her mother's health proved problematic. In that capacity, she attended the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip at Westminster Abbey on November 20th 1947.

Consequences Wilhelmina is said to have wanted to abdicate during this regency but was urged to remain on the throne by Juliana who wanted her mother to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, set for 1950. However, in 1948 it became clear that Wilhelmina would step aside and the abdication took place on September 4th that year. Wilhelmina died in 1962. Juliana was Queen of the Netherlands until her own abdication in 1980. 

Abdication of a King

Who King Michael I of Romania

When December 30th 1947

Where Bucharest, Romania

What King Michael of Romania returned from attending the Royal Wedding at Westminster to find his country in more turmoil. The pro Soviet government, in place since the end of World War Two, forced him to abdicate at the end of the year. 

Consequences Michael went into exile in January 1948 and didn't return to his country until 1990. Throughout that time he was supported by his wife, Anne, who he met at the wedding of Elizabeth and Philip. He now enjoys a strong level of popularity in his home nation but has always maintained the monarchy can only be restored there with public backing which has never materialised.

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