Royal Engagement Rings: Meghan Markle

She's only gone and said yes. Meghan Markle accepted the proposal of that handsome prince, Harry, earlier on in November and today they confirmed the news we all wanted to hear. While Harry's dad, Prince Charles, broke the big news, it was his mother, Diana, who was at the fore during the first official photocall. For that sparkling ring on Meghan's finger is made of diamonds that once belonged to Diana. Let's take a moment to enjoy the newest royal engagement ring, that of Meghan Markle....

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It's modern and sentimental all at the same time. The gold and diamond piece features three stones and there's no missing the middle one. It's a whopper. It comes from Botswana, where Harry and Meghan took a holiday earlier this year, and where the prince has spent a lot of time since his childhood. But it gets even more personal....

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The two outside stones belonged to Harry's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales and add a truly significant touch to this special piece of jewellery. The couple unveiled the ring to the world in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, one of Diana's favourite places which this year has been transformed into a sea of white flowers in her memory. And Meghan had a little nod to the tributes to her fiance's mum - she was in white, too.

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The ring itself was made by Cleave and Company and Harry helped to design it. In some ways, it is rather similar to the ring presented by Prince Philip to his bride, Elizabeth, in 1947 with its large central stone and more subtle supporting stones, all taken from diamonds that belonged to his own mother, Alice. Meghan's ring is more modern but is carrying on royal tradition all the same. Rather like the bride herself.

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