Royal Wedding Rumours: the PM, police and still no ring....

You got a whole day off, stop moaning. After the Friday frenzy that was the countdown to the royal engagement which didn't happen, Saturday was a day of quiet if miserable reflection on the fact that Harry and Meghan didn't share their big news with us. Never mind. Sunday is about as crazy in love with these young royals as it's possible to be. The papers are filled with Harry and Meghan stories with the Prime Minister and the police involved and expert tips on when to expect the engagement anno. Apparently any day between now and New Year apart from Christmas Day. And if you keep on looking, someone will no doubt find a good reason to start a rumour that Hazza will propose live during the Queen's speech and pluck a vintage royal sparkler from the tree to seal the deal. To keep on top of all this wedding fever, here's a round up of the latest royal wedding rumours....

The Sunday Times is among papers reporting that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has been on stand by for some time with a statement congratulating the happy couple on their engagement. The Sun comments that the PM has been briefed and we should all expect an announcement this week, possibly on Tuesday. But then just about every day of the week is being named as a potential anno day right now.

The Sunday Express says that Number Ten was poised for an 11am announcement on Thursday November 23rd but that Kensington Palace was 'spooked' into putting the news back because of the intense speculation. The Sunday Express also reports that Meghan now has police protection and has been seen accompanied by officers from the Metropolitan Police Protection Command with The Sun also focusing on the security she now receives.

The Mail on Sunday also puts Meghan on the front page saying that ''the Palace is primed'' and urging the couple to get a move on. There is also general consensus that once the engagement is announced, the wedding will follow at record pace for a royal with experts in several outlets predicting a wedding before the arrival of baby Cambridge number three, due in April.

The Sunday Times goes on to report that Meghan is also making her presence felt in that staple of modern royal life, the regal style files. According to a new survey, she is the fourth most influential style figure of the moment - one place ahead of the Duchess of Cambridge who comes in at number five. If there's no engagement in the coming days, expect some articles hinting at tension between the sisters in law to be. More royal wedding rumours as they happen.

Photo credit: BBC and ITV stills.