Royal Christening Countdown: granny's get ups

In the last five years, Queen Silvia has got used to christening cake. The Swedish consort has proudly watched the baptism of a grandchild five times already and on Friday she makes it a sweet six as she stands in the front row to see Prince Gabriel christened. It's a big moment for the whole family and there is something rather special for a mum to mark the milestones in the lives of her own children's children. Silvia is never anything less than dressed to impressed and these magical moments are no different. As the Queen of Sweden prepares to watch her latest little one at his christening, here's a look back at the baptisms of her five elder grandchildren. A quick reminder of granny's get ups as we continue the Royal Christening Countdown...

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's children
Princess Estelle, May 22nd 2012, Royal Chapel, Stockholm Palace

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Queen Silvia chose pale pink for the christening of Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, appropriate perhaps as the little princess is second in line to the throne and one day will be queen. This was the biggie, the christening of a future monarch and the guarantee of the succession and Silvia more than dressed to impressed. She couldn't have looked happier, either.

Prince Oscar, May 27th 2016

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There might be a bit of a theme emerging here. For the christening of Victoria and Daniel's second child, Oscar Carl Olof, Silvia again chose pink. It's a slightly darker shade and matched, almost to perfection, the colour chosen by the other granny, Daniel's mum Ewa Westling just as her pale pink had done four years earlier. But anyway, back to the double dose of pink for Victoria's children.....keep that in mind as we come on to....

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's children
Princess Leonore, June 8th 2014

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Silvia's second grandchild, Leonore Lilian Maria, and first born of Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill. For this summer christening, Queen Silvia chose blue with what can only be described as a flirty hat with that little veil fluttering in the breeze. She wore the same shade to Madeleine's own christening back in 1982 so it was a rather sweet nod to her bond with her own little girl. And bear in mind that blue is the traditional shade for a girl but.....

Prince Nicolas, October 11th 2015

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...also the modern shade for a boy and Silvia picked it again for the christening of her first grandson, Nicolas Paul Gustaf. It's hard to remember now but until Nicolas made his appearance, Sweden's royal family was girl-tastic. For the first christening of a prince in almost forty years, Silvia was bouyant in blue and matched Nicolas' other grandma, Eva Maria Walther, as well. And we have again the same shade but a deeper version for the second baby to be christened in that particular part of the family so....

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia's children
Prince Alexander, September 9th 2016

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....let's get predicting. For the christening of Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil on September 9th 2016, Silvia went mauve. You could choose bluey pink or even deep lilac but I'm going mauve. And trying to ignore all those flowers stuck over it. She also made sure she matched the other granny, Britt Hellqvist, to a tee. Plus, she wore a very similar shade to Carl Philip's christening in 1979. So does that hint at a deeper shade of purple coming in to play for Gabriel on December 1st 2017 and his christening day?  There's no doubt that Silvia will be bursting with pride as she debuts another granny's get up at a grandchild's christening.