Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Royal Baby Number 3: the maternity wardrobe starts here

Stand by, Cambridge baby number three is really making a mark. We've known that Kate is pregnant again since September but in the last twenty four hours, that baby bump has had a proper debut. And today was another landmark in the eagerly watched great expectations of Kate, part three. For today, the duchess debuted maternity wear.

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OK, OK, a pregnant woman is allowed to wear a shift dress without the maternity klaxon sounding but let's enjoy the fact that Kate is blooming right now. She's well into her second trimester now (remember, it's St Mary's, Paddington in April 2018) and baby Cambridge number three is starting to make their presence felt.

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The dress is by Goat and was worn with black tights and shoes. The clutch bag was black as well which might seem odd for a dress verging on the brown but it's all very autumnal and we're all looking at the tummy anyway.

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The Duchess of Cambridge was attending the Place2Be School Leaders' Forum at UBS London on November 8th when the shift to shifts took place. Kate is patron of Place2Be, a children's mental health charity which provides in school training and support for emotional wellbeing. Kate has been its patron since 2013 and regularly attends events for the organisation.

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This is the second engagement in two days for the duchess after last night's appearance at a gala dinner for the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families, another charity which counts Kate as its patron. But while baby bump has been getting lots of attention over the last few hours, it was the eldest of her children that got mum talking at this latest appearance. During her speech to the forum, Kate revealed that she is now a school run mum - she famously had to miss George's first day of classes because of the Hyperemesis Gravidarum which affected her at the start of this third pregnancy, as it has with both her other great expectations.

Speaking to the forum (there's a clip above), Kate said that now she was part of the school world she realised that it takes a ''community'' to raise a child and added that ''whether we are school leaders, teachers, support staff or parents - we're all in this together''.  The Duchess of Cambridge also reinforced her support for the work of Place2Be as she commented that ''getting support to children at the very earliest stage helps improve their outcomes in later life''.

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The Duchess of Cambridge has, of course, been extremely vocal in her support for work towards improving mental health over a number of years. This latest speech ties in with many of the causes close to her heart. The issue will no doubt consider to play a part in Kate's agenda over the coming months and baby Cambridge number three begins to take centre stage.

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