Citrines for November: Luxembourg

Sparkling in citrines - Stephanie of Luxembourg in a very unusual tiara
(photo By Frankie Fouganthin - Own workCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wiki Commons)

November has two birthstones but finding royal jewels featuring either citrine or topaz is a bit of an ask. These two jewels come in stunning colours but they aren't favourites in the jewellery boxes of the ruling houses of Europe right now. However, there is one rather striking tiara featuring citrines which you can't fail not to notice. Welcome to Citrines for November.

Citrines are said to take their colour from the sun and these stones are filled with warmth. Their yellow/ orange hue is unmistakable and it's the first thing you notice about the tiara from Luxembourg that stars this stone.

The citrines, round and oval, are set amongst semi cirlces of pearls in a bandeau tiara. The shape, style and mix of stones is very unusual and somehow works. The fact that there's a matching necklace and earrings helps - mixing this diadem with other diamonds would be difficult. 

It's been worn intermittently by the royal ladies of Luxembourg although its exact provenance isn't known. In recent years, it got a starring role at one of the royal weddings of the decade when Hereditary Duchess Stephanie wore it to the marriage of Princess Madeleine in 2013. It's not a huge favourite with the Luxembourg royals but it still has its moments. And while it's not the easiest piece to wear, it's still an intriguing addition to the royal jewel box of Europe.

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