Royal Engagement: Harry and Meghan's first interview

The stars aligned....when your handsome prince says that about you then it really must be love. In their first TV interview together, newly engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that their relationship got serious very quickly, they were set up by a mutual friend and neither had any idea of just how much interest their royal romance would cause. We also learned that the prince proposed while they cooked roast chicken together and Meghan didn't let him finish before she said 'yes'. And that was just in a couple of minutes. On the day of their engagement, Harry and Meghan really are wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

The interview was carried out by the BBC's Mishal Husain and gave us more of an insight into the couple's time together. They revealed that they met eighteen months ago when a mutual friend set them up. All Meghan wanted to know beforehand was  ''is he nice'' while Harry fell in love the first moment they met. He said that his fiancee ''just tripped and fell into my life'' and talked about the stars aligning. Take a moment for a collective sigh, we have a proposal to get through next.

Harry revealed he got down on one knee while the couple were at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace (which will be their home after they are married) and Meghan asked 'Can I say yes' before he'd even finished proposing. Meghan described it as 'sweet, romantic' and Harry added that he had to ask to give her the ring. And the prince seemed rather pleased when his fiancee confirmed that he had, indeed, surprised her by popping the question the way he did.

The couple also revealed they are already forming a right royal quartet with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Harry said they spend lots of time together and that Kate, in particular, had been ''amazing'', something that Meghan backed up. There have been teas with Prince Charles while Meghan was clearly in awe of meeting the Queen and couldn't speak highly enough of the respect she has for her fiance's grandmother.

But it was serious, too. ''I did not have any understanding of what it would be like'' Meghan said of the huge interest in their royal romance. She described negative comments about her mixed race heritage as a shame and said the couple had only focused on themselves as a couple. And both said they had no concept of just how much their relationship would capture public imaginations.

The ring got a mention, too, with Harry saying that he had wanted his mother to be part of the whole event. Two of the diamonds in the engagement ring come from Diana's personal collection. Harry also remarked times like this were when he really missed. her. And if you hadn't got teary by then, his immediate response to the question of what Diana would have thought of Meghan will do it. 'Thick as thieves' he said, confident that his mum and his fiancee would have been the best of friends.

But let's end with a smile cos this pair didn't stop grinning at each other through the whole interview. Hands entwined, eyes locked they had a good giggle at the response of one of the most important members of the Royal Household to Meghan's arrival. Apparently, the corgis love her. While taking tea, they flopped across her feet and made themselves at home. And if that's not enough to seal a royal engagement, then nothing ever will be. This interview has shown just how in love Harry and Meghan are with each other and how much confidence they have in their love and their future. That confidence should inspire us all. This is a royal romance worth celebrating and then some.

Photos: BBC stills


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