Royal Wedding Rumours: November's first whispers

Another week, another round of royal rumours about engagements and weddings involving a certain prince called Harry and Meghan Markle. This week has been fairly quiet on the wedding whispers front but there's still more than enough to plough through as we head into November, long tipped to be the month when Harry and Meghan will do the whole show off a diamond thing at St James' Palace. As the big month dawned, there was lots of talk about clothes, homes and nicknames. Time to get busy with a round up of royal wedding rumours....

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Let's start with clothes. Yep, we all know that if when Meghan becomes a royal duchess, there will be a huge focus on what she wears but it's begun already with Cosmopolitan magazine noting that Ms Markle's outfits have become noticeably more conservative in recent times. Apparently, this is because the Queen has a ''no knees'' policy for regal clothing which prevents both men and women of the House of Windsor flashing the thighs while out and about. Several titles have this week been asking whether Meghan, who used to like a pair of shorts or mini skirt, is now keeping her hems to calf and ankle length. Hard for us to tell as she's rarely seen in public right now but apparently no one should be surprised if her next appearance sees her in a tweed two piece with pearls aplenty.

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The Mail on Sunday has a good old chat about what Meghan might do with herself when she moves to London later this month, a shift apparently set in stone for the paper. Right now, Megs is finishing her stint on Suits where she plays Rachel Zane and once that's done in a few weeks' time she is apparently setting up home in the capital. The paper suggests she might set up her own foundation - well, Meghan is already noted for her humanitarian work so just about everyone expects her to focus on that as her life changes. And don't forget, to give notice of marriage she needs to be resident in England or Wales. Not that we're starting any rumours here but....

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A good royal romance needs at least one story a week that includes the word ''adorable'' in its headline and Harry and Meghan kept up the tradition this week. OK magazine reported on their ''adorable nicknames'' but you can put the sick bucket to one side, there's no ''cuddle bundle'' and ''honey bunny'' here. Beneath the headline is a round up of nicknames the couple have been known by already. Apparently, Meghan has sometimes been called Meg while her mum, Doria, likes to call her ''Flower''. We all know that her beau is really Prince Henry but has been known as Harry since birth. The article also explains that his mum, Diana, liked to called him ''My Little Spencer'' because of the red hair he inherited from her side of the family. Honey bunny is actually easier to say....more royal wedding rumours next week.


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