Harry and Meghan: how we knew it was love

Is today the day? Engagement speculation is so high for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that many a royal watcher has cancelled plans until at least 11am just in case Prince Charles has a small announcement to make. The bookies have stopped taking bets, the BBC has apparently lined up enough royal experts to sink a small punt and the bunting is being freshened up and pressed as we speak. There aren't really any clues to look for other than that royal press release. So as we wait and wonder, here's a look back to the hints Harry and Meghan gave us about their royal romance which began in the summer of 2016 and is making its way to the altar as we speak. This is how we knew it was love....

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Social media has played a big part in the unfolding royal romance of Harry and Meghan and the way it's been told. William and Kate saw their betrothal pinged across Twitter as Clarence House set up its account the day before their big anno but Hazza and Megs have seen every stage of their relationship shared on social media. Meghan dropped a pretty big clue back in October 2016 when she posted a photo of herself at Soho House wearing a bracelet which turned out to match one that Harry had been spotted wearing too. Clue number one was out there.....

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Just before Prince Harry issued a statement confirming their relationship, we got another huge great big hint from Meghan on her Instagram. At the start of November 2016, she shared a photo of a teapot and lots of people got very exicted indeed. It is a very lovely teapot, that's true, but the fact it was shaped as an elephant was seen as a nod to Harry's conservation work (he's taken part in projects to help preserve populations). And drinking tea is about as British as it gets. Meghan made her mark with this one.

Several days later came the news that the couple were a pair. Harry issued an unprecedented statement calling for the media to leave Meghan alone. He called her his girlfriend and criticised those who had levelled abusive comments at her. It was a declaration of love that set everyone talking.

Meghan then went on to post a pictre of two banans spooning with a message ''Sleep tight''. Quite possibly the most modern confirmation of a royal romance ever. What's not to love?

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Megs clearly likes love and food to go together because this appeared on her Instagram around the time we all knew about her royal romance. Let's face it, there can only be one recipient for this herby hand out of hearts and that's Harry. Since then we've seen the couple out together informally, kissing at a polo match and then making their first offical appearance together at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games. Meghan also gave an interview to Vanity Fair confirming the couple were in love. But while we all wait for the official announcement, let's just take a moment to remember how sweet it really was to see this royal romance unfold. All those cryptic pictures that made it clear it really was love.

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