5 September Royal Brides

Princess Claire of Luxembourg was a September royal bride
(photo Grand Court Ducale/ Guy Wolff)

September isn't the most popular month for royal weddings. Summer holidays are still coming to an end and everyone's getting back into the swing of the royal agenda. That's not to say the month is a marriage free zone and to prove it here are five September royal brides.

Claire Margareta Lademacher, September 17th and 21st 2013

Claire Lademacher was a royal bride twice over in September 2013 when she married the second in line to the throne of Luxembourg, Prince Felix. The couple wed in a civil ceremony in Germany on September 17th and again in a religious ceremony in Saint-Maximilien-La-Sainte-Baume in France four days later. Princess Claire has worked in bioethics and carries out occasional royal engagements. Felix and Claire have a two year old daughter, Amalia, with this royal bride expecting her second baby in October 2016.

Sophie Lara Winkleman, September 12th 2009

Sophie Winkleman was known as a TV actress before her royal romance with Lord Frederick Windsor became public. The Cambridge graduate announced her engagement to Frederick, son of the Queen's cousin Prince Michael of Kent, on Valentine's Day 2009 and the couple married on September 12th that year at Hampton Court Palace. Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor have two daughters, Maud who is now three, and Isabella, who was born in January this year.

Tessy Antony, September 29th 2006

Tessy Antony was a controversial royal bride when she said 'I do' to the third son of the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg on September 29th 2006. She was just twenty, the groom had just turned twenty one and they had had a son together six months earlier. Tessy had met her husband, Prince Louis of Luxembourg, while serving in the country's army and their royal romance made headlines around the world. Their marriage in Gilsdorf in Luxembourg got plenty of global attention. However, there was no fairytale ending. The couple, who welcomed a second son in 2007, divorced in 2017. 


Princess Astrid Josephine-Charlotte Charlotte Fabrizia Elisabeth Paola Marie of Belgium, September 22nd 1984

Princess Astrid of Belgium, second child and only daughter of the then Prince and Princess of Liege, married Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este on September 22nd 1984 in Brussels. Her marriage gave her the title of Imperial and Royal Highness and seven years later she became the daughter of a monarch when her father became King Albert II of the Belgians. A change in the succession law gave her rights to the throne of Belgium for the first time soon after her father's reign began. Astrid and Lorenz went on to have five children and in May 2016, this royal bride became a grandmother for the first time with the arrival of Anna Astrid, the daughter of her elder son, Amadeo.

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Princess Anne-Marie Dagmar Ingrid of Denmark, September 18th 1964

Anne-Marie of Denmark became Queen of Greece on her wedding day, September 18th 1964, but while her road to her royal wedding was bumpy, life afterwards would prove even more turbulent. Her groom was King Constantine II of Greece who had inherited a tricky throne from his father, King Paul, in early 1964. By then he had made it clear he wanted to marry Anne-Marie, youngest daughter of King Frederick IX of Denmark, who he had met when she was thirteen and he was accompanying his parents on a state visit to her home country. They announced their engagement in July 1964 and on September 18th that year, at the age of eighteen, Anne-Marie married Constantine in Athens. They would go on to have five children together but much of their married life was lived in exile after the Greek monarchy fell. The couple now have a home again in Greece and have welcomed nine grandchildren to their family.