The royal baby's name is somewhere here....

You know how we all like to get adventurous when it comes to royal baby names. Don't bother. William and Kate are expecting their third little Cambridge and we know from past experience that the bookies always have it right when it comes to the name pick. Both George and Charlotte were among the top three favourite names for royal babies right at the start of their mum's pregnancies so if you look at the list of bookies' picks right now, you are more than likely looking at the moniker of the next fifth in line to the throne. We've let them settle for a day or two and now it's time to get #royalbabynameguesses serious. Oddschecker has been checked and here are the top five male and female picks for the new number five. The winner is somewhere here....


Arthur, Frederick, Philip, Alexander or Albert

Taken as a whole, the bookies currently have Arthur as the top pick for a baby boy. It's averaging 10-1 across the spectrum and has been the hot favourite since the pregnancy was announced which admittedly wasn't all that long ago.

Close on its heels is Frederick at an average of 12-1 but if we add in the fact that Fred is starting to make its own splash with the bookies, it's fast becoming a favourite.

Philip and Alexander are averaging 14-1 while Albert is hovering there or thereabouts although spending some time at 16-1 making it the outsider of this quintet.


Alice, Victoria, Elizabeth, Mary or Alexandra

Alice isn't just the favourite name for a girl, it's the favourite name overall. The bookies put it at the shortest odds to start off with and it's attracted the most money since the pregnancy announcement was made, meaning that plenty of other people think a Cambridge princess will bear this name. The best you'll get right now is 10-1.

Victoria is next most popular with the bookies, averaging 12-1 while Elizabeth makes a surprise appearance at third on this list with average odds of 14-1.

Mary is the next on the list, with some bookies offering 12-1 and others going up to 18-1. Alexandra was a hot favourite for a girl in both of Kate's other pregnancies and it's still got form in 2017 with odds ranging from 12-1 to 20-1. 

So one of those ten names will, in all probability, be the one chosen by William and Kate. To help narrow it down, remember that the couple have also used names within the Top 20 most popular names at the time their children were born. Last year's top 20s contained just Alice  from the girl's list while the boys' most liked in 2016 include just a diminutive version of one name with Freddie making an appearance just outside the top ten.

William and Kate might surprise us by choosing a total rank outsider - at the moment, Philippa and Tabitha are long shots for girls with Robert and Thomas the least popular boys' choices on the main odds. But, recent history tells us that the top five picks right now will probably contain the choice. Frederick or Alice? Sounds about right to me...

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