The new Swedish line of succession

We have a name, let's give him his place. The latest addition to the Swedish Royal Family has been announced as Prince Gabriel, Duke of Dalarna and he comes in as number six in the line to the throne. To celebrate his arrival, here's a rundown of how the Swedish succession looks now little Gabe has made his debut. Don't get too comfy, Madeleine has another to add come March 2018....

First in line
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree
Duchess of Vastergotland
Born July 14th 1977

Second in line
Princess Estelle of Sweden
Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary
Duchess of Ostergotland
Born February 23rd 2012

Third in line
Prince Oscar of Sweden
Oscar Carl Olof
Duke of Skane
Born March 2nd 2016

Fourth in line
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
Carl Philip Edmund Bertil
Duke of Varmland
Born May 13th 1979

Fifth in line
Prince Alexander of Sweden
Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil
Duke of Sodermanland
Born April 19th 2016

Sixth in line
Prince Gabriel of Sweden
Gabriel Carl Walther
Duke of Dalarna
Born August 31st 2017

Seventh in line
Princess Madeleine of Sweden
Madeleine Therese Amelie Josephine
Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland
Born June 10th 1982

Eighth in line
Princess Leonore of Sweden
Leonore Lilian Maria 
Duchess of Gotland
Born February 20th 2014

Ninth in line
Prince Nicolas of Sweden
Nicolas Paul Gustaf
Duke of Angermanland
Born June 15th 2015