Prince George at school: first photos (UPDATED)

Here he is, a future king taking a major step in his life. Prince George of Cambridge began classes today and looked very smart while he was at it. George Alexander Louis, the royal baby whose arrival captivated the world. is now a school boy.

The little prince, who turned four in July this year, arrived at Thomas' School, Battersea, holding the hand of his dad, the Duke of Cambridge. William was on school run duty as Kate is too poorly with Hyperemesis Gravidarum to leave the house. The couple announced they were expecting a third baby on Monday. George looked quiet and worried but shook hands with the Head of the Lower House and let him help her as he walked into the school.

George followed a well worn family path by posing for photos as he began school. As the Kensington Palace Twitter feed reminded us just before the little king in waiting's arrival. his dad and uncle Harry have done the smile in  your new blazer routine for the cameras.

Then it was inside to get down to the serious business of making friends (no besties allowed at Thomas' to avoid issues) and beginning an education fit for a king in the making. It's half days to start off with at the new school and once George was back home, Kensington Palace shared another photo of him with dad, taken just before the off, which has ''aah'' written all over it. 

Good luck, George, go and be fabulous.

Photos: Kensington Royal Twitter


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