Prince Henrik diagnosed with dementia

In a sad statement that will resonate with millions of families touched by this condition, the Danish Royal Household has announced that Prince Henrik has dementia. The diagnosis was made at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen recently.

Prince Henrik, who turned 83 in June, has undergone a series of tests. In the short statement, the Danish Royal Household said ''the diagnosis implies a weakening of the Prince's cognitive function level. The extent of the cognitive failure is, according to Rigshospitalet, greater than expected for the age of the Prince and can be accompanied by changes in behaviour...judgement and emotional life...and also affect interaction with the outside world''. The statement ends by asking that Prince Henrik and his family be given peace as they come to terms with this new situation.

Henrik's had a tough summer, with several high profile outbursts about never having been made king. These are, of course, now being seen in a different light. There had been speculation that some of his behaviour had been caused by a more serious condition and now it appears that this has been confirmed. We can only wish Henrik and his devoted wife of 50 years, Queen Margrethe, all the best and send warmest wishes to them, their children and grandchildren on a difficult day that heralds a change none of us would ever wish to experience.

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