The Royal Christmas 2017: Victoria's snow delights

This is the way to do a royal Christmas in 2017. Crown Princess Victoria has it sorted. She gave us snow, she gave us smiles, she gave us cute children saying Happy Christmas. In a year when everyone else has gone all low key on us, Victoria and Daniel are the royals who saved regal Christmas.

Since they became a mummy and daddy, Victoria and Daniel have liked to do the whole Christmas thing in style. Since then, it's been Christmas videos to rival any festive favourites and this year the whole family headed out into the snow to play. Ho. ho, ho.....

The traditional Christmas photo couldn't be better, either, with Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar standing in the snow in front of their home at the Haga Palace. Oh, and Estelle is throwing a snowball. It really couldn't be more Christmassy and in a year when so many royal cards have taken a swerve on anything festive with not even a bauble in sight, this is a breath of cold, snowy, fresh air. Hooray for the Haga gang and let the royal Christmas begin.


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