Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Estelle's birthday portraits

February 23rd 2016, Estelle's most recent birthday portraits. Tomorrow could see a new set join them in the family album
(photo credit: (photo Kate Gabor/ The Royal Court Sweden)

As the fifth birthday of Princess Estelle of Sweden approaches, there's big excitement about special pictures to mark the occasion. Estelle might be holidaying with her mum, dad and baby brother, Oscar, but the chances of this being the first birthday of hers with no official images must be pretty slim. The second in line to the throne of Sweden already has a pretty impressive album of birthday photos to her name. Ahead of birthday number five, here's a look back at some of Estelle's special anniversary photos.

Snow kiddin, she's three - Estelle took to her skis to mark her birthday in 2015
((photo Kate Gabor/ The Royal Court Sweden)

Now we are two - Sweden's future queen blows out her candles in February 2014 as Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel look on
(photo Kate Gabor/ The Royal Court Sweden)

Just a small slice - Estelle enjoys a cake in one of her first birthday photos from 2013.
(photo Kate Gabor/ The Royal Court Sweden)

OK, it's not a birthday portrait but it's an official photo of a major celebration that took place soon after Estelle arrived and the photos of her christening show a very happy mum and dad and a super alert and super cute baby with a super exciting future ahead of her. Happy Birthday, Estelle.
(photo Bruno Ehrs / The Royal Court Sweden)

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