Friday, 17 February 2017

Danish Royal Family Fun in the Snow

Mum and daughter having fun in the snow in one of the winter holidays snaps shared online
(photo credit: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark/ detdanksekongehus Instagram)

It's that time of year. After Spain's royals unexpectedly got the (snow) ball rolling (couldn't resist it, sorry) with their surprise ski-ing trip last week, the ruling houses of Europe are off enjoying the slopes and sharing fun photos to prove it. No formal photocall for Crown Prince Frederik and his family as they get their ski-ing fix for the year. Instead, they've shared family pics on social media. And rather nice they are too.

Frederik, Mary and their four children have headed to Switzerland for their winter break and they are clearly having a great time. Via the official Facebook and Instagram pages of the Danish Royal Family, they've shared plenty of pics, most of them starring Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine.

There are a couple of Frederik and Mary as well, most noticeably the mother/daughter selfie with Isabella which is already in the running for top royal photos of the year. Frederik and Christian keep it more traditional with a ready for action pose with Mary's nephew, Alexander Stephens.

The newest ski-ers in this royal party get their own photo with Vincent and Josephine seen wrapped up against the weather and ready for the slopes. The images shared by this royal family, taken by themselves, aren't just great photos. They offer all the fun of the relaxed family holiday being enjoyed by this extended group without the formalities of a photocall. It just goes to show how useful social media is for the royal families of Europe as they take on a multi media world. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are offering them new ways to take charge of their image and how it is captured and when it comes to making sure that the youngest members  of the royal families have a relaxed time and grow up without too much pressure, that can only be a good thing.

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