Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Meghan's First Royal Christmas

There had been rumours that the future Duchess of Sussex had been seen snapping up amusing but posh presents for under a fiver, just the sort that the Royal Family loves to swap on Christmas Eve, but now the news is official. Meghan Markle will be joining Prince Harry at Sandringham for the festive holidays. William and Kate will be there, too. And, let's face it, if George and Charlotte also make their Sandringham church debuts this year then Twitter is in danger of imploding on Christmas Day. Bring it on.

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The news that Meghan will join her fiance at the traditional royal Christmas break at Sandringham was confirmed on December 13th after several, well a flood of, media enquiries. Royal reporters across the board tweeted the happy confirmation from Kensington Palace that ''Prince Harry and Ms Markle'' would be seen at Sandringham on the big day alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Unless something radical happens in the next eleven days, this will be the first glimpse of the four together. And given that we've heard several stories in recent weeks about the Duchess of Cambridge offering a helping hand to Meghan as she prepares for her new role then no doubt some of that support has been around the rather complex set of events that make up a royal Sandringham Christmas - from the two church services to the lunch and telly watching as well as the non ostentatious but not too tacky, thanks gift giving.

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As Prince George and Princess Charlotte walked to church with their maternal grandparents in Bucklebury last year, the third and fourth in line to the throne could well do the same with their paternal family this time round before the expected fifth in line turns up in April 2018 and starts stealing all the attention. But while we all get excited, let's remember this is above all a family Christmas and no doubt having so many of their relations as well as those who will join the Firm in the coming year around them, will bring much joy to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Last year the Queen missed church because of a chest infection while in recent times she has lost several dear relations including Margaret Rhodes and Antony, Earl of Snowdon. After sad times comes sunshine and Meghan's Christmas trip to Sandringham will no doubt bring plenty of that.

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