The Royal Christmas 2017: Oscar shakes on a festive tradition

You're never too young to perfect the royal handshake. With a whole liketime of saying hello and how do you do ahead of him, Prince Oscar of Sweden got in some practice as he helped his mum and sister bring the Christmas trees into the Royal Palace in Stockholm ready for the festive season. The face might say otherwise, but Oscar has this one down pat.

Oscar joined Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle in a rather chilly looking wing of the palace for the traditional tree delivery. Since the late 1960s, the Swedish University of Agriculutural Sciences had brought spruces to the Royal Palace to help with the decorations. Delivered by students from the Masters Programme there, a whole host of firs are now in the regal corridors waiting to be decked and decorated.

We see different members of the Swedish Royal Family receiving the trees every year although Estelle has become something of an expert at it. She made her debut at this traditional royal event in 2013 and helped mum again in 2014 and in 2016. This is Oscar's first foray into the whole thanks for the Christmas tree tradition but he can expect to take part many more times in the future. That first handshake will come in handy.