Royal Christmas 2017: the Royal Christmas Tree

Deck those halls with boughs of holly....even the most regal residence needs a Christmas tree and Europe's ruling houses are already getting in the festive spirit. Trees are being trimmed at palaces across the continent and thanks to the marvels of social media, the photos we all take every year of the decorations can now be shared on an epic scale. Which is rather marvellous. So settle back and enjoy the slowly building forest of regal Christmas trees being trimmed and tweeked as the big day approaches. Be warned, there are no 3 footers in pots here. These are Royal Christmas Trees....

The Danish Royal Family have gone traditional this year with a whopper of a tree decked in family trinkets and candles. Yes, candles. Crown Princess Mary - for 'tis she leading the decorating with military precision as you can see in the Facebook video above - has gone proper old school and got the kids to tie candles to random branches. Very pretty and enough to start a health and safety debate on Twitter. There will no doubt be a GIF by Christmas Eve.

The Norwegian royals always like to get the festive season started with a crane. Yep, no chance of King Harald propping the tree up with bricks and wrapping some of last year's paper round the pot. Harald and Sonja like a tree on the Royal Palace balcony and that means a bit of machine winching. Here's the Instagram post from this year's event.

Inside, things are a little calmer but no smaller. The Norwegian royals love Christmas so much they are having a special exhibition all about their regal traditions and star of the show is this sparkly tree. And its little pine cone friend. Love the pine cone.

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Apparently, Winsdor Castle is very busy next year? Some wedding or other? It's never too early to get ready for your close up and if the Christmas trees at the Castle are anything to go by, Harry and Meghan's marriage is going to be spectacular. As December got under way, the Windsor Castle trees were put in place, all sparkly and bright. Here's the rather gorgeous sight of St George's Hall....

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Another, in the Crimson Drawing Room, has also been trimmed to perfection. No worrying about colour schemes here when your rooms are named after different shades. Luckily, no one got confused and cracked out the silver and purple's angel hair by mistake...we can only hope that's next week. There will be more royal Christmas trees here as they appear....