Friday, 13 December 2013

Estelle sets the pace for Christmas cuteness

Prince George of Cambridge has got his work cut out for him.  You'd think that being the newest royal baby in Europe would guarantee you the biggest 'ah' factor as you approach your first Christmas but Princess Estelle of Sweden has stolen a march on him.  This morning she accompanied her mother, Crown Princess Victoria, to hear a choir sing on St Lucia's morning.  And as if taking part in one of Sweden's most dearly held traditions wasn't enough, little Estelle was wearing a mini Father Christmas outfit and was riding a pony.  Kate needs to get shopping and quick.  That is going to take some beating for the cutest royal Christmas photo of the year.

Estelle of Sweden is the princess who stole Christmas in the cuteness stakes - the future queen of Sweden attends a St Lucia Day ceremony, marking one of her country's most popular traditions and looking too sweet to be true as she did it

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