Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Royal Christmas decorations

Everyone's had one of those annoying moments when the Christmas decorations just won't behave themselves.  Luckily for the Queen, she has a man who sorts out tinsel traumas.  The British Royal Family has released a special album of festive snaps from years gone by to mark Christmas Day 2013.  The photo album shows Elizabeth II delivering several of her sixty plus Christmas messages, several generations of royal children getting their presents and some lovely images of the whole family on their way to morning service on Christmas Day.

Anne obviously did well with the Christmas presents that year judging by the Queen's smile as mother and daughter are presented with flowers outside St Mary Magdelene Church in Sandringham on Christmas Day 2001
But the star of this royal show is the man who is tasked with getting out the ladder and sorting out the Queen's rather ornate Christmas decorations at Windsor Palace.  While the real magic shot everyone wants to see is Prince Philip wrestling with the Christmas Tree lights or Kate and Camilla rowing over who should have got the turkey out of the freezer just a little bit earlier, the sight of a royal Christmas tree adjuster at his work is still pretty perfect.  And an answer to that age old question of what you get the monarch who has everything for Christmas - her very own festive garland manager.
The man with a plan - a member of the Royal Household staff adjusts an airborne Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 2011.  It was part of an exhibition recreating the festive celebrations of Queen Victoria

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