Saturday, 14 December 2013

Harry makes royal history

Prince Harry is now the first member of the British Royal Family to reach the South Pole.  The prince stood at the bottom of the world on December 13th 2013 as the Walking with the Wounded expedition he was trekking with reached the pole, ahead of schedule.

Prince Harry became the first member of the British Royal Family to reach the South Pole on December 13th 2013
The prince was a patron on the British team taking part in South Pole 2013.  Originally, the team had been racing against crews from the US and the Commonwealth, trying to beat one another to the pole on a 200 mile expedition.  But the team organizer stopped the race element earlier this week when he became concerned that the teams - which each included 4 service men and women who have suffered life changing injuries - were making themselves ill by trying too hard to beat the opposition.  Several team members had been treated for fatigue and altitude sickness but the change in pace led to a huge boost in morale, reported back in voice blogs by the crews.
Prince Harry takes part in training ahead of the Walking with the Wounded South Pole 2013 trek he has just completed
Harry's team had built up a formidable lead by the time that decision was taken but the prince didn't seem to mind at all.  He spoke of his pride at everyone in the mission getting to stand at the South Pole after making it through the temperatures of -45 Celsius and 50 mph winds in one piece.  And his new royal record isn't likely to be taken away anytime soon.  Although Harry joked with reporters before he set off that his brother, William, was quite jealous of his trek as it meant he got time away from a 'screaming child' (that's the future king, Harry, keep him sweet), his granny told another team member she had no plans to follow in Harry's footsteps.  When Dominic West asked if she'd ever been to the Pole she replied 'No, why would I want to go?'. 

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