Thursday, 5 December 2013

Borrowing granny's jewels

A fashion icon like Kate Middleton doesn't fit the typical image of someone prone to borrowing their outfits from granny.  But when your grandma-in-law is the Queen of the United Kingdom and she invites you to a very posh do for the Diplomatic Corps at one of her best palaces with full royal regalia as the dress code, what's a girl from Berkshire sans her own tiara supposed to do?  The Duchess of Cambridge might be a future queen consort of England with the promise that, one day, all those diamonds, rubies and sapphires that stock the cupboards at castles around the country will be at her disposal.  But for now, she's the wife of the second in line and without a family sparkler all of her own.  Hence the phone call to hubby's gran for a loan of a tiara.  As you do. 

The Duchess of Cambridge in the Lotus Flower tiara at the reception for the Diplomatic Corps in London in December 2013
It's the first time that the duchess has been seen in public in a tiara since her wedding (she may well do the washing up in one every night but then again...) and this look didn't quite match the spectacle of the wedding day.  Kate was wearing Alexander McQueen again but no veil and bad lighting in the car that swept her and William into the reception meant that this was hardly the best chance to spot the sparkle on a tiara.  The Lotus Flower belonged to the Queen Mother who gave it to Princess Margaret and it started life as a necklace.  For now, it's the go to tiara for this queen consort in waiting.  As long as granny doesn't mind.

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