Monday, 30 December 2013

Royal pictures 2013: Denmark

The most striking image to come from the Danish Royal Family this year really divided opinion. A portrait of the entire family together was unveiled in November but its unusual style and bold composition left many viewers less than impressed.  The portrait, by Thomas Kluge, is an attempt to follow up the famous family portrait of Christian IX and his descendants by Laurits Tuxen but some reviewers labelled it frightening.

The portrait of the Danish Royal Family by Thomas Kluge which was released to very mixed reviews in November 2013

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark's profile abroad increased considerably in 2013.  The wife of the heir to the throne carried out several headline hitting solo tours including a visit to Morocco where she highlighted domestic abuse and women's issues.  But it was her decision to spend some time at a camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan that really caught the public imagination, especially as she had to be evacuated from the area after protests broke out about an unrelated issue.  But the images of Mary with children who had been forced to leave their homes because of the ongoing conflict in Syria went around the world and threw a spotlight on the issue for many.

Princess Mary of Denmark meets children at a camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan

She took husband, Frederik, with her on another high profile foreign tour in October 2013.  The couple visited Australia where they helped with the 40th anniversary celebrations for the Sydney Opera House which had been designed by a Danish architect.  Mary and Frederik spent several days in the princess' home country on official tour.

Australian born Princess Mary of Denmark helps, along with husband Frederik, to celebrate the 40th birthday of Danish designed Australian icon, the Sydney Opera House

Prince Frederik spent part of the summer training with the America's Cup teams ahead of the race in August 2013.  It was just one of several demanding sporting events the prince took part in.  As well as forming part of the International Olympic Committee as it decided on a host city for the Summer Games in 2020, the prince took part in the Ironman of Copenhagen competition which involved a day of triathlon, cheered on by his family.

Prince Frederik of Denmark running through the rain soaked streets of Copenhagen as he took part in the annual Ironman contest in August 2013

But Frederik had competition on the training front as Crown Princess Mary was photographed a few weeks later taking part in one of the regular training days she undertakes as part of Denmark's homeguard.  The princess, who joined soon after her marriage, was photographed abseiling and taking part in water activities.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark taking part in home guard training in 2013

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