Monday, 3 February 2014

Estelle sets royal records

Prince George has a record to beat.  Princess Estelle of Sweden has just undertaken her first full tour at just shy of two years old.  The future king of England may be going to Australia and New Zealand with mum and dad when they head off on their tour but there are no official engagements slotted in for George.  But Estelle has been out and about with her parents on a visit to the 2014 European City of Culture, Umea, and Sweden's Royal House has reported on the trip as an official event featuring Victoria, Daniel and their little girl.

Her first royal handshake - Princess Estelle of Sweden meets artist, Jonas Nystrom, in Umea as she helps her parents on her first royal tour

Estelle got a tour of the main sights of the city on a sledge pulled along by her proud dad and has also been on a museum visit with Victoria and Daniel.  And just to show how modern this modern royal family is, there's been plenty of daddy day care on show as the future queen took the lead in meeting and greeting and her consort in waiting showed another future queen the sights and sounds of the building they were visiting.

Prince Daniel's eyes seem to be on his daughter who looks like she might be about to make a break for it as the royal family visit Umea

And she had her first taste of a royal crowd with around 55,000 people in Umea on the day that it officially began its year as European City of Culture.  While the sight of royal babies away with mum and dad isn't rare, and photocalls during tours are fairly normal, the sight of a royal family's littlest member taking on tour duties is rare.  Prince George better start practising his royal handshake - he's got a new challenge to take on.

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