Sunday, 2 February 2014

Thank you to Beatrix

Just over a year after she told her fellow citizens that she would be abdicating, a huge thank you party for the reign of the former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has taken place.  A gala evening, attended by the whole Dutch royal family and many of the country's dignitaries, in Rotterdam was the crowning point of the event but there was also a special programme on Dutch TV with tributes from many world leaders and former leaders who discussed the reign and legacy of Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands arriving at the thank you gala held in her honour in Rotterdam

The big thank you was originally scheduled for September 2013 but was postponed following the death of Beatrix's second son, Johan Friso, in August.  Beatrix has been wearing grey, mauve and purple a lot in recent times, the colours traditionally chosen for the next stage after the full mourning of black.  Friso's widow, Mabel, is still wearing black for her formal appearances.  Queen Maxima chose a regal blue for the thank you gala.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima arriving for the thank you gala held for Princess Beatrix

But the evening itself was one of celebration.  While the TV programme featured some of the serious side of Beatrix's reign, the big gala was filled with fun and included the sight of the former queen bouncing balloons - and not doing too bad a job of it.  There were lots of laughs and smiles too - the perfect way to say thank you to a queen who brought a lot of happiness with her.

Beatrix steals the show - the former queen of the Netherlands joins in the fun at the thank you gala held in her honour

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