Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Royal hat contest in Sochi

After the appearance of Queen Maxima in a very patriotic orange hat during her stay in Sochi to watch the Winter Olympics, other royals are getting in on the quirky headwear trend.  Or it might just be very cold there.  Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway was first to play catch up by sporting a pale blue Norwegian knitted hat that made him look about fifteen.

Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway does pale blue and interesting at the Sochi Winter Olympics

Prince Albert of Monaco is back in Sochi but hasn't gone for the knitted look favoured by Maxima and Haakon.  Instead, Albert has been showing off his red baseball cap as he takes in more winter sports.

That's not going to keep his ears warm - Prince Albert of Monaco in a baseball cap at Sochi

But not to be outdone on the colours front, Haakon Magnus then decided to try a little bit of brightness out himself and was last seen in a bright red knitted number.  But the future king of Norway showed he is used to dressing for the cold - not only was this a wool hat, it had mini ear flaps as well.  Albert might just need to take some tips from his royal counterparts as the Games go on.  

Super warm but still a long way from toppling Queen Maxima in the best hat of the Winter Olympics stakes - Haakon Magnus rocks red in Sochi 

The Swedish royal family is due in Sochi soon and Haakon Magnus is about to depart - just as King Harald is set to arrive.  There are plenty more royal sightings in Sochi still to come.

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