Thursday, 22 June 2017

Estelle and Oscar, a royal double act in the making

He has all the look of a little brother trying to work out what she's talking about and she is the image of a big sister taking control. Estelle and Oscar of Sweden have starred in some new photos to mark midsummer and they are turning into a right little double act as the camera clicks.

The second and third in line to the throne of Sweden were snapped at their home at the Haga Palace by favourite royal photographer, Erika Gerdemark. It's a tribute to her skills that these latest snaps are so filled with a sense of family. Because that's what comes through. Family feeling.

Oscar, now one, looks fabulously bemused at just about everything five year old Estelle is doing, wearing a look perfected by many a younger brother, that face that says 'I don't know what she's up to but if I don't cause a fuss, she will stop eventually'. Estelle is in full sister as boss mode from her very adult decision to kneel down to be at Oscar's eye level to her hand holding stance on the balcony. And of course, as she's the queen in waiting, Estelle gets a solo portrait all of her own. It's rather pretty and dreamy, a princess in a world of her own caught on a summer's day.

The photos of Sweden's growing royal family really are some of the stand out royal portraits of our time. Erika Gerdemark deserves all the praise and then some for capturing some really natural images that still have a sense of regality about them. There's fun and charm in them but they will stand the test of time. Right now, they are helping Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel show their fellow countrymen and women how family life unfolds royal style - really not that differently from everyone else. There's smiles, there's cuddles, there's bemused little brothers and cheeky big sisters. Estelle and Oscar are turning into the perfect royal pair.

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