Friday, 16 June 2017

The Royal Power of Flowers

We're used to seeing royals receiving flowers but wearing them is a different matter. While the Prince of Wales likes a discreet buttonhole or two, full on floral is another matter entirely. But as Princess Madeleine of Sweden has just shown, sometimes flowers really do hold all the power. Madeleine has just wowed at the Polar Music Awards with a floral skirt that will take some beating in the regal style rundown of the year. And with fashion going floral this seas, we've had plenty of royal posies of perfection to savour in the past few months alone. Here's a bouquet of recent moments when the royals showed us the power of flowers.

Madeleine's latest foray into flowers came on June 15th 2017 when she attended the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm with her family. The sixth in line to the Swedish throne was a walking wall of flowers as she arrived on the arm of her brother, Prince Carl Philip, having just tucked her son, Nicolas, up at the end of his second birthday celebrations.  Madeleine's take on the floral trend is pretty and pale in pink with a chiffon skirt covered in raised buds and blossoms. It's brave, it's brilliant and it's very beautiful.

Big sister, Crown Princess Victoria, has already given us a floral evening look this year but she went dark and dramatic for her display of flower power. Victoria chose a gown in deepest blue with brightly coloured flowers across it for the gala dinner in Oslo held by the government of Norway to mark King Harald and Queen Sonja's 80th birthdays on May 10th 2017. To be honest, she looks freezing but then no one expected to show their flower power in hail and sleet.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark fared better. Not only did she have sleeves but the winter white of her dress, contrasted with the moody deep flowers splashed across it, did the whole Ice Queen vibe that the weather demanded. That's a fashion win, making summer flowers sparkle in wintry weather.

Flowers were the power behind the style throne at those birthday celebrations. The day before, at the royal gala dinner at Oslo's Royal Palace, we got a flurry of floral that made everyone think of spring even if the thermometer was already plunging. Spending most of your evening on a balcony where millions around the world will be studying your shoulders? Crown Princess Mette-Marit decided the only way to go was a flower pattern on the top of her white gala gown.
Queen Maxima kept her floral flourish for the skirt of her evening dress, sweeping into dinner in a flurry of flowers that took pretty to another level (just no one mention the fact that those heirloom sapphires don't quite match).

You want flowers, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece will give you flowers. This royal style icon knows a trend when she sees one and she more than knows how to work it. Her study in blue and white is a stand out gown of 2017 where flowers really do hold the power.

Another royal style icon, Queen Letizia, wasn't at the Norwegian party but she had already given us a floral flourish with a cherry blossom inspired gown during her State Visit to Japan in April this year. Showing her sense of chic, Letizia picked black velvet to go with her pastel patterns and scored a fashion win all round.  

Princess Eugenie of York kept her flowers short and sweet too with this cocktail dress worn to the UNAIDS Gala in Basel, Switzerland as June got under way. Since spring started, the floral trend has been a go to for royals (this is just the evening selection) and as summer comes into full bloom, expect to see more of the power of flowers.

Photo credit: Polar Music Prize Instagram.



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