Saturday, 24 June 2017

State Visit Style: Queen Maxima in Italy

State Visits mean busy suitcases. There's hats, there's gala gowns, there's even a tiara or two to get in the bag before heading off to smile and wave. Often, the royal wardrobe for these regal events is rather predictable - a few stand outs peppering some regular, expected looks. But every now and again we get a stand out style statement that lingers long in the memory. Queen Maxima in Italy is one of those moments. Maxima has nailed it on every single part of her four day trip. Here's a look back at the State Visit Style of Queen Maxima in Italy.

Day one, June 20th 2017, saw the King and Queen of the Netherlands arriving in Rome where they were given an official welcome by the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, at the Quirinale Palace. They also found time to look loved up and lovely at that icon of Rome, the Spanish Steps.

Queen Maxima was pretty in peach with a statement straw hat for the day which was packed with meetings with politicians including Italy's Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, and the Mayor of Rome, Laura Boldrini. The royal couple also laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 
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State Visit means State Banquet and Maxima wowed in red as she and King Willem-Alexander headed back to the Quirinale Palace on the evening of June 20th where they were hosted again by President Mattarella.
This dress was first seen the family and friends gala dinner marking Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday back in April and with its asymmetric shoulder styling and draping sleeve it's right on trend. Red is about as hot as it gets right now and has the added bonus of matching that rather impressive set of rubies that Maxima brought  with her to Rome. No wonder she's smiling. 

Day two, June 21st 2017, saw the couple head to Sicily for a day of engagements. With the temperature well into the thirties, Maxima played it cool in a white sleeveless dress with peplum effect and a huge straw hat. You want to know how to make summer clothes State Visit ready? This is a masterclass.

Day two also gave us a taste of that style statement that Maxima does so well - accessories.  She added a gold torque necklace and some fabulous fan earrings for her day on the island which saw her visit a centre helping immigrants arriving in Sicily, a tour of the Palazzo Reale and lunch with Palermo's mayor. 
The evening saw the couple back in Rome where they hosted a thank you evening of entertainment for President Mattarella. For the concert, which included a performance by Dutch violinist Janine Janson, at the Palazzo Colonna, Maxima chose a pale pink one shoulder dress with tiered skirt. Pretty and pretty perfect.

The third day, June 22nd, included a State Visit to the Vatican. The Queen of the Netherlands opted for traditional dress for her audience with Pope Francis. During their State Visit to the Vatican, Willem-Alexander and Maxima also visited the Biblioteca Apostolica. The morning had begun with the royal couple spending some time at the 12th century Frisians Church in Rome which was built on a site which had welcomed pilgrims from the Lowlands since the 9th century.

The afternoon of day three saw King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima head to Milan where they were welcomed at the Museo Cenacolo Vinciano and had the chance to see Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting, The Last Supper. This part of the visit was all about the Dutch economic mission to Italy taking place during the visit and the royal couple also visited EatItaly where they were given a cooking demonstration linking the food of both countries. For this busy afternoon, Maxima was looking very summery with a sundress in white, red and blue. Oh, and flowers in her hair. Summer State Visit style taken in a whole new direction here. 

After a bright and breezy afternoon, Maxima was back in black for an evening visit to a football clinic for young players in the area. They were greeted by Dutch football legend, Clarence Seedorf, at the clinic. Then it was off to a Trade Dinner for members of the Dutch economic mission and their Italian counterparts.

Maxima saved the best for last with her day four outfit. There's nothing not to love about this ochre print dress with its lace effect top and long skirt. Not to mention the flying saucer hat and sandals. It was chosen for a morning of events in Milan which included a visit to the Rossan Orlandi Gallery to see the work going on there to promote up and coming fashion designers. Then it was off to a major meeting on economic ties and development covering areas including culture, water management and co-operation between the two countries.
The State Visit came to an end with a visit to the exhibition 'Global Denim Awards' with the royal visitors heading home soon afterwards. It was a successful trip all round but especially in the style department. Every now and again a State Visit comes along that wows with its wardrobe and this is one of them. Four days, plenty of unforgettable looks, Maxima reigned in Italy.

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