Thursday, 29 June 2017

Letizia's State Visit Style Pointers: seeing red

There's less than two weeks to go until the Spanish State Visit to the UK. After several false starts , King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia will arrive in London on July 12th for a three day visit. While the focus, like all State Visits, will be on ties between the two countries involved, we all know there's going to be a lot of fashion talk. Style icon Letizia's every sartorial move will be watched and if she's seen in the same county as Kate during her time here expect the chic chatter to go off the scale. In anticipation of this fashion fest, here's a look at what we can expect from Letizia on her fifth State Visit as queen consort, if her previous four are anything to go by. Six style statements for State Visits coming up over the next week, starting with a study in scarlet

Queen Letizia has worn scarlet at some point on every State Visit she's made as queen consort.  It's one colour of her national flag and she can't stay away from it right now so we can probably expect Letizia to see red during her State Visit to the UK.  Her last overseas trip to Japan even began by seeing red....

The colour has featured in at least one day outfit on all four of her State Visits. The first, to France in 2015, saw the debut of a two piece sleeveless suit that became a State Visit favourite, making a reappearance in Mexico just weeks later. 

Mexico also saw the reappearance of a favourite two piece for Letizia as she went semi formal in shirt and skirt for a trip to the National University in Mexico City.

The State Visit to Portugal at the end of 2016 saw red in the mix as it dominated a coat and dress combo for day two of the trip which saw Letizia and Felipe in Oporto and Lisbon.

Red has also featured in Letizia's evening State Visit wardrobes. The gala dinner in Mexico saw her actually and properly wow in a scarlet cocktail dress that is up there with her best ever looks.

But the deep red cocktail dress, worn in Paris for the State Dinner there, remains perhaps Letizia's best known State Visit look. We've got a Thirties vibe, a Marcel wave homage and a queen on top of her game. If Letizia brings the red to London, expect more of the same.  There are more State Visit Style pointers tomorrow with another burst of colour....

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