Wednesday, 6 July 2016

5 royal moments of floral fabulousness

Queen Maxima does florals on King's Day 2016

Summer is in bloom. The sun is shining, the temperatures are warming up and suddenly there are flower power looks everywhere and that's before we even get round to remembering that Queen Maxima wore a beach on her dress the other day (she did, check it out here). As Queen Letizia of Spain becomes the latest royal to channel her inner 60s chick and go all floral on us, here are five recent moments of regal flower power.

That style setter of 2016, Queen Maxima, was among the first to dive into flower power as the weather began to (sort of) warm up. The huge floral print on her fifties style skirt worn on King's Day 2016 almost overpowered the whole outfit but Maxima carried it off in style. This is a really different take on flower prints with a mix of dark colours on a very white background. It works and then some. Well worth a repeat or two...or three.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has been flying the flag for florals through the spring and summer and this pretty dress worn for part of her dad's 70th birthday celebrations in April stands out because its florals take a tilt from the norm. This is old fashioned flower power brought right into the 21st century with modern edges all around and such a great mix of colours that it's fresh and fabulous all at the same time. Blooming lovely.

Darker florals are harder to find - the summer weather gets everyone thinking light. But Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway went for a very unusual flower print on a recent trip back home to Kristiansand on the Silver Jubilee tour of King Harald and Queen Sonja. The dark green background with wandering wisps of white flowers is very pretty although ever so slightly mismatched to the black ruched jacket. Still, it's a striking look and one we'll no doubt see again as summer turns to autumn (let's not even think of that just yet).

The birthday celebrations for King Carl XVI Gustaf really brought out the flower power as Crown Princess Mary of Denmark chose this yellow based evening dress covered in pretty blooms for the gala dinner. What's not to love about this standout floral fabulousness which just screams spring? The print is so pretty that it almost glows in the sunshine while the floral print is a fresh twist for an evening dress. Just lovely.

Queen Letizia's day look is perhaps the palest of the lot with very subtle shades of pink and green but there's no doubting these are flowers. The light colours are more than made up for by the dominance of the floral print which sweeps across the day dress with determination. It's a hard shape to carry off in florals but Letizia manages it and adds another set of blooms to this summer's royal bouquet - but do you have a favourite? It would be great to hear which is your pick in the comments section below.

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