Wednesday, 13 July 2016

All the Queen's Horses

The King and Queen of Sweden at the CHIO Aachen Horse Show this week
(photo CHIO Aachen press room)

There's nothing like going to your hohome. She might be Queen of Sweden and devoted to the country she has reigned for forty years. but Germany still holds a special place in Silvia's heart. And as she spent several days in Aachen this week, it was clear to see how much it meant to her to return to the country where she was born.

Silvia and her husband, King Carl XVI Gustaf, were attending the annual international equestrian show, CHIO Aachen, with the Swedish queen taking on the honours of opening the event.

The couple arrived in Aachen on July 11th where they were welcomed by local dignitaries and watched the official Welcome Sweden parade.   The show always has an international partner and this year it's Sweden which meant a starring role for Carl Gustaf but particularly for Silvia as the party got under way.

There was also a balcony appearance and the signing of a visitor's book - no royal visit, however informal, would be complete unless there was a book to sign.


The couple arrived at the show on July 12th in style. If you're turning up at an equestrian event then horses have to be involved somehow so the King and Queen of Sweden hopped into a horse drawn carriage for the journey.

They've spent a lot of time recently in this most traditional of royal modes of transport having enjoyed a carriage parade just weeks ago on Sweden's national day and another barely a month before that as they were greeted by thousands of people who had turned out to celebrate King Carl XVI Gustaf's seventieth birthday.  This was slightly more low key but they seemed to be enjoying it nonetheless despite the rain, a bit of umbrella juggling and an eventual concession to the roof being pulled up.

There was a princess waiting for them in the royal box - Benedikte of Denmark is also at the show. But it was the queen in the party who got the big job of declaring the event open - Silvia in red certainly stood out from the crowd as she took on that role,
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Then it was time for an afternoon of horse riding and given that their recent holiday in the south of France seems to have rather agreed with Carl Gustaf, given the pull on his jacket, it was perhaps best all round that the royals were there just to watch rather than take part.

 The King and Queen of Sweden are off home to Stockholm where tomorrow they will take part in the Victoria Day celebrations which mark the birthday of their eldest child. But it probably won't be that relaxing this time round as they now have her two children to juggle while she gets flowers and enjoys everyone singing Happy Birthday. But given their joy in the next generation, they will be sure to enjoy it. Just like the Queen of Sweden enjoyed a chance to go to her home from home this week.

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