Friday, 15 July 2016

Crown Princess Victoria's birthday album

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden with her son, Prince Oscar, on her 39th birthday

Estelle is cute, so is her brother and the Crown Princess of Sweden really suits traditional costume. All these things were clear already and only underlined by the appearance of the Swedish Royal Family at the birthday celebrations for Crown Princess Victoria at Solliden on July 14th. Here's a look back at Victoria's big day in photos.

Crown Princess Victoria is great at carrying small children down stairs while smiling. We saw her in action at Oscar's christening and she was at it again on her birthday, balancing her four month old and her four year old with a bit of help from Prince Daniel while giving everyone the photo they wanted. It's not actually as easy as it looks.

Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree, Crown Princess of Sweden was born on July 14th 1977 and traditionally celebrates her birthday by meeting wellwishers at the royal summer residence of Solliden.  This year was the biggest turnout ever according to officials and Victoria spent a long time talking to as many of them as possible.

While everyone wanted to see the birthday girl, everyone also wanted to see her two very sweet children. Estelle and Oscar are turning into a real royal double act.

Oscar looked content in a kind of slightly bemused baby kind of way through the whole thing, cuddling mum and dad as well as proud granny, Queen Silvia, who was on hand to help at all times. 

Looking very cute in his knitted outfit, the third in line to the throne lapped it all up before deciding it was time for a nap.

Princess Estelle has these birthday celebrations down to a fine art now. She knows all about meeting and greeting, smiling and waving and generally having a good time.

But when you're four and having to share everything with a new baby brother, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of me time and with a pink balloon in her hands that's just what Estelle set her mind to.

She also looked rather happy with the doll she was presented with during the celebrations.

Even second in lines to their country's throne like a bit of mum time and Estelle looked more than happy with herself as she got Victoria all to herself for a moment.

The evening celebrations are usually all about the adults as they attend a concert at Solliden. But they had to make way for a new star this year as Estelle, complete with pink ear protectors, joined them for the party.

Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria always don traditional costume for this part of the celebrations and look rather well doing it. This year was no exception.

The rest of the family get to come in smart casual and we got another chance to see them all rocking along to the music on offer.

Victoria and her family have a quieter month ahead as summer holidays take over and plenty of time to look over the images that make up this year's birthday album of the Crown Princess of Sweden.

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