Friday, 22 July 2016

The other royal birthday boy of July 22nd

Felix of Denmark in one of the new photos released to mark his fourteenth birthday on July 22nd
(photo credit Steen Brogaard)

No date in royal history belongs to one person alone and while Prince George may have got most of the attention on July 22nd as he marked his third birthday, there was another royal celebration going on. Prince Felix of Denmark, second son of Prince Joachim, turned fourteen and showed just how grown up he is in a new set of photos.

Prince Felix with his brother, Prince Nikolai, in another birthday portrait
(photo credit: Steen Brogaard)

Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian, Prince of Denmark, was born on July 22nd 2002 at Copenhagen University Hospital to Joachim and his first wife, Alexandra. Felix was fourth in line to the Danish throne at the time - now he is eighth. His parents were given joint custody of Felix and his brother, Nikolai, following their divorce in 2005. Felix appears at major royal events and usually stars in a set of birthday photos. This year is no different - they might not be as well shared as George's birthday portraits but they still mark a happy day for a happy family. Happy Birthday, Felix.

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